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Wip2 by Pete-Bagheera
Second WIP of Twilight's library tree. Plus a small Sparkle :heart:

We have decided that this will be the prototype, since we are not quite satisfied (mainly) by the choice of colors. We will make another one to sell, using everything we learned from making this one.

So our Little One can have this one... as she already likes it a lot! =D

WIP 1 is here:

And like I said, we're hoping to sell these, so any advice on marketing is welcome! ^_^
WIP: Twilight's Golden Oak's Library by Pete-Bagheera
WIP: Twilight's Golden Oak's Library
So my wife and I have joined forces to have fun and make a buck while doing it. We're making Twilight Sparkle's Golden Oak's Library. Above is the result from a short weekend's labor, with the concept sketches and a scale drawing. 

We're constructing it from 4 mm (0.16 inch) plywood, and it will be fully colored using markers, which gives it a surprisingly vibrant coloring. It will (at least) include a table in the library and Twi's bed. We are sorta trying to make it show-accurate,  in so far it is possible at all, because, the inside of the Twi's house doesn't actually fit inside its outside appearance... like at all. Seriously, it's like the TARDIS. :)

If it works out, we might be making a whole lot more equestrian architecture in the future. And like I said, we're hoping to sell it, so any advice on marketing is welcome! ^_^
Fallout: Equestria - full MAP by Pete-Bagheera
Fallout: Equestria - full MAP
Full map for the Fallout: Equestria story by KKat.

Link to FimFiction (yes it's on there now too) :…

Probably the most epic pony fan work out there! Even if you are unfamiliar with the Fallout games (like me), it is in and of itself one of the best reads out there. Quite gory form time to time, but if you can handle that, a definite must-read! 

While reading the story for the second time, I sketched the map as the story progressed. That was many months before I started to make the digital map above. I might have gotten some details wrong as a result, and a few details are missing too, like the SPP towers.

Please post a comment on any correction or addition you can think of (preferably with a reference to a chapter), and I will update the map accordingly.

To do:
- add name Ironshod Firearms factory (and check the name)
- mirror the map to have Canterlot on the left side of the mountain (not sure, quite a lot of work)
- StableTec HQ looks weird
- move the name "Luna Line" to a better spot


I call myself Pete, in English
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: Enschede, The Netherlands
Print preference: uuh... 300 dpi?
Favourite genre of music: From Folk to jazz to Punk, or even metal. Not always interested in top 40 though.
Favourite photographer: ... My dad?
Favourite style of art: Anthro
Operating System: winXP
MP3 player of choice: Wimamp 5
Favourite cartoon character: Take a guess ;-)
Personal Quote: Seize the Day!! ...Corny but true.
Sent this to Hasbro. I seem to do this a lot, recently.

Just adding one to the pressure.

Dear Sirs

It has come to my attention that a lot of MLP content, mainly on YouTube is being taken down recently.

I must ask you to reconsider your recent policy on this, not only for the benefit of the MLP fandom, but also for your own benefit!

YouTube videos are an essential part of the fandom. Consider that if MLP related videos are taken down too often, people will stop making them. Many hours of work generally go into each video, and if people risk having them deleted, they will stop bother to make them. The fandom will become a lot less active, less lively, and people (makers and watchers) will forget MLP and move on with other ways of spending their free time. Especially in the off-season.

A lot of bronies are people with jobs and money to spend on collectables. When they lose interest in MLP, that will seriously hurt your merchandise sales figures.

Also consider this. You cannot stop people from seeing your episodes for free. BitTorrent is simply too accessible. You can't stop it, or 20th Century, Paramount, Disney or any of the other big names of the film industry would have done it by now. All you can do stop is the non-profit MLP-fun sharing community on YouTube. And that would be shooting your own foot.

It is the momentum of all the content uploaded on YouTube (and elsewhere) every week that keep the fandom alive and attractive to be a member of and to participate in in the off season and even lets it grow. Grow in the off-season! How many cartoons have that? I myself joined in the fandom in the off season, just after Season 2 ended. If you take the momentum out of the fandom on YouTube, your fandom will shrink, and ultimately you risk losing everything you have built up in recent years.

MLP means the world to me right now. It is helping me though a tough time in my life where I see the worst side of humanity gnawing away at my fiancee and I live 11,000 km away and can't do a thing to help her. I need the non-cynical FUN! But it is the fandom however, mainly on YouTube, that helped me though the off season. I would have sought my distractions elsewhere without it, and might not even have remembered to come back for season 3.
There are so many Bronies with similar stories. MLP was the seed of something great that makes the world a better place for so many people, and allowing YouTube content to flourish was the water that made the seed grow. Don't kill it now, nourish it.

Please reconsider

Pieter vV
A Brony
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